Etsy Sellers Can Effortlessly Manage and Process Their Orders with CustomHub Integration.

Orders Page

You can control your orders in one place. Filter, Create group shipping labels, get the details and more!

Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade orders’ details instantly here.

Automatic Weight Calculation

Stores weight information based on the size (option) of your product in the Definition Menu’s Master Template, and automaticly calculates the weights of your orders. With Automation, it also selects the most cost-effective shipping for you.

With the presets defined in CustomHub, you save on the shipping based on the calculated weight!

Order Detail Shortcut

You can change the options. Let production see it in its last edited form on the Packing Slip.

Order Details Page

Form Sequence

Receive the forms in whatever order and time you prefer. Neck label (soon) , Packing Slip, Shipping Label, DTF Print file all the forms in the same order.
You can edit design of every forms easily.

See All Details on One Screen


Group your orders and process them!

Automatic Print File Creation

Your DTF files are ready to print!

Manage Graphic Files


Order Filtering

Shipment Presets


User accounts and roles

Accounts / Roles

Bulk Purchased Shipments

Pick List

Pick your products group by options or sku’s

Dealer List

Dealer Shop Transactions

Manage your dropshippers, dealers, dealers have their own wallet and when you invoice them, wallet automaticly will be updated.

Dealer Account Roles / User Type